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a murder most foul
Silky 18 Robots Assortments of other things
Ocassionally NSFW
Recently its been KH-related but its mostly just a mish-mash of whatever I feel like.
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i was expecting the ‘holy fucking shit, fucking dinosaurs’ but this was just

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are you ever just like “lol white people” but then you’re like “wait i am a white people”

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"Tell me about your OC!"


shes super cute ;w ;

yEAH I love her design ;v;

Seems legit.


"Can I have your skype??"

"oh yea sure"


side note i love my stupid pony Oc I wanna use her more but i really have no reason to

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  1. I spent time on reddit for the first time ever in my life
  2. Someone on a forum I’m on is setting up an Art Trade with me (and I love their work and they love mine its super rad)
  3. I’m p sure I’m morphing into a robot because i am literally so empathetic about so much stuff
  4. I want to get out of my house but i have nothing to do
  5. I’m watching My Cat From Hell on Netflix (more like listening to but w/e)


The Knights 2 (complete)

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